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Greek Federation of Insurance Employee Unions

Employee Union : Services to our Members

1. BLOOD BANK. Union's blood bank collaborates with the blood donation centre of Athens General Hospital.

2. LEGAL SERVICES. Our legal consultant is in Union's office, fixed days and hours, for free legal advice to the members of the Union.

3. SOCIAL INSURANCE INFORMATION. The Union has a contract with a social insurance expert, for free advice and information, to its members, about primary and supplementary insurance.

4. SUMMER VACATIONS PROGRAM. The Union in co-operation with the company provides its members with a program for summer vacations. Also the Union participates in similar programs organised by the Greek General Confederation of Labour. (G.S.E.E.).

5. CULTURAL AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES. The Union's cultural committee organise excursions, dances, and other social activities for the employees and their families. Also provides special prices for cultural events and theatrical performances.